About Us

Hiroko International, Inc. is a nationally recognized integrated industrial services company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. We offer a wide variety of services including, but not limited to, engineering, construction, fabrication, maintenance, environmental services, demolition, salvage recovery, and more. We have extensive experience in the oil & gas / mining industries but our expertise spans multiple industrial environments.

We take great pride in the distinguished reputation that we’ve built over our 25+ years in business. Hiroko has a deep history of delivering safe, quality, cost-effective solutions for our clients and those principles of service remain our steadfast mission as we continue to grow and expand.

Please see some examples of our project work outlined below...

Alamo Cement (1994 – current)

  • Engineering services (structural, mechanical, electrical, etc.,)
  • Dredging / Diving services
  • Managed support trailers onsite for 24/7 service including the following...
    • Mechanical & maintenance services
    • Turn-key projects (full life-cycle, engineering & design to completion)
    • Time & materials services

NOV / Appco (1994 – current)

  • Installation of material handling equipment including field modifications for the mining industry
  • Build fracking equipment including fabrication, electrical, and hydraulic systems.
  • Time and materials services

Longhorn Cement Plant (1995 – 2010)

  • Demolition
  • Salvage recovery
  • Facility maintenance
  • Environmental services
  • Relocation and restore antique artifacts for quarry market mall

NBC Bank Building / Adams Mark Riverwalk Hotel (1996 – 1998)

  • Demolition
  • Salvage recovery
  • Excavation
  • Structural support services
  • Environmental services
  • Crane & rigging services
  • Onsite fabrication
  • Security (access control, on-site traffic management, etc.,)
  • Managed support trailers on-site for 24/7 service

Boral Technologies (1997 – 1998)

  • Refurbished (3) concrete storage silos to accommodate fly ash terminals at Longhorn Cement Plant

Redland Worth / Martin Marietta (1990 – 1996)

  • Scheduled maintenance and upkeep of wear products offices and support
  • Salvage recovery and other professional services
  • Managed support trailers on-site for 24/7 service

Certifications and Qualifications

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